About Freischwung

A fullservice agency for the digital development of high quality products

Our Services

Design is our concern. Our team provides a full service from idea to prototype.

Beauty meets Realism, pushing ideas and dreams to become a product.

Core competency

Since 1998 we are moving the transportation landscape.

Our core competency is thinking in processes, creation, verifacation and optimisation.

We believe in virtual and real world processes to design products which cusomers do love.

Design is a fluid aproach adapted for each project.

Defining a roadmap for the development with a workshop, a briefing or other creative methods.

Classic sketches, quick 3d modelling, easy rendering to show the main direction.

Diving deeper to shape the product, showing it in virtual reality or as prototype made in a additve manufacturing way.

We create the design data to engineer the product.

It is our daily business to connect design, engineering and marketing in continuous, often parallel processes.

We understand ourselves as intermediaries between the various professional groups.

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Most of our clients demand extreme discretion, that‘s why we don‘t tell their name