About Freischwung

A fullservice agency for the digital development of high quality products

Our Services

Design is our issue. We provide the full service to design products from sketch to production.

We create and express the ideas of our clients in a complete digital workflow.

Core competency

Since 1998 we deliver our services to a range of automotive OEM's and support sports apparel brands.

Our core competency is the creation of high quality products. Based on digital design surfaces we can seamlessly integrate design and development processes.

Our data is the base for real live prototypes:

  • To have a model in hand.

  • To see what it will look like.

  • To test if its already good enough for what you plan.

  • To communicate with others.

Before investing in tools or in parallel with the mold making we compose marketing tools like real-time presentations and films to promote your product.

You can get direct feedback from clients or tease the final result.

We shape the ideas from sketches based on the technical needs for production to bring them to perfect products.

It is our daily business to connect design, engineering and marketing in continuous, often parallel process.

We understand ourselves as intermediaries between the various professional groups.

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Most of our clients demand extreme discretion, that‘s why we don‘t tell their name